Laravel is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used PHP framework by experienced software engineers across the world. One major reason is the fact that it offer developers the luxury of building robust applications with ease. As a developer, more often than not, all you need is an idea or a client's project and you’re ready to put your Laravel skill to work. However, it's not every time one gets interesting projects to work on. But of course, one has to keep making money. What’s next? If you’re looking for other ways to put your Laravel skills to good use, these 5 tips will help you boost your portfolio, effectively break into the tech scene, while you make more money.
  • Offer paid laravel tutorials: It's true there are several Laravel tutorials already, but not everyone wants to build the same thing. Offer exclusive tutorials to teach people how to build particular project of their choice.
  • Laravel Hosting service: With the numerous tutorials on hosting laravel projects, most developers still find this a very difficult task. Offer to help and get paid in return. You could even start your own hosting site exclusively for Laravel projects.
  • Be a Laravel mentor: A good place to start mentoring other developers is the code mentor website.
  • Offering security services: Security is a VERY important feature for any web applications.
I hope this article has been with helpful. Be open-minded, try new things and the sky is your starting point!