Laravel Queue Monitor

Track, Debug, and Enhance Your Laravel Queue Jobs Effortlessly

Laravel Queue Monitor

Laravel Queue Monitor is a package designed to monitor Laravel queue jobs, offering insights into job performance, failures, and custom data logging.

Key features of Laravel Queue Monitor

  • Job Monitoring: Track start and finish times, job progress, and attempt numbers.
  • Exception Handling: Log exceptions and failures for easier debugging.
  • Progress Estimation: Estimate remaining time for job completion.
  • Custom Data Storage: Save additional custom data with each job.
  • Web Interface: Optionally enable a UI to monitor jobs and retry failed ones.
  • Advanced Configuration: Fine-tune settings including cooldown periods for progress updates and handling of failed jobs only.

What you can do with Laravel Queue Monitor

  • Monitor Job Performance: Track how long jobs take to complete and their success rate.
  • Debugging: Easily identify and analyze failed jobs along with the exceptions thrown.
  • Estimate Job Duration: Get real-time progress updates and time estimates for running jobs.
  • Store Custom Data: Save and display additional job-related information for deeper insights.
  • Retry Failed Jobs: Use the UI to quickly retry jobs that have failed.
  • Manage Job Progress: Implement and monitor job progress and handle chunked job processing efficiently.