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Build Brighton

The Build Brighton membership management system

Build Brighton

New members can join and create accounts, payments are tracked and managed through the system.


  • Member signup form which collects full name and address, emergency contact and profile photo.
  • Direct Debit setup and payment collection through GoCardless
  • Regular monthly direct debit payment runs for each user
  • PayPal IPN notifications are also received and used to extend member subscriptions.
  • The ability for the user to edit all their details allowing for self management
  • Various user statuses to cater for active members, members who have left or been banned as well as tracking founders and honorary members
  • Handling of the induction/equipment training procedures and collection of payments.
  • Tracking of who trains who
  • Member grid to see who is a member
  • The ability for members to cancel their subscription and leave
  • Collect deposit payments for door keys
  • Manage member storage box assignments and deposit payments
  • RFID door entry control and tracking
  • Member credit system for paying for various services
  • Member credit topup using direct debit payments and credit/debit card payments
  • Member role system for managing delegated duties
  • RFID access control for equipment and usage logging
  • Auto billing for equipment usage
  • Proposal system for member voting
  • Equipment/asset management
  • Member expense reimbursement

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